Patrick, born on May 5th 1983, is the owner but not the CEO of Doyle Solutions, a large manufacturer of computer systems and other tech hardware. He inherited the company from his mother Andrea who had founded it in the seventies, which was highly unusual for a woman back in those days. Andrea made most of her money with incredibly well placed investments. They both, however, never held the title of CEO as that role went to Franklyn Carlyle first and later to his son Eric.

Either way, the Doyles spent their money wisely on more solid investments and real estate. They do not live an extravagant lifestyle and are well known philantropists. After the return of the Living Nightmare, Patrick paid for the hospital bills of Frank Falkner because he was the brother of his girlfriend Melissa who, like himself, is one of the four people we present as Psypher candidates.

He seems to be athletic enough to fit the bill and his wealth would allow him for various tech gadgets and of course time, because superheroes need a lot of time to do what they do, humans have to eat and sleep after all.

On the other hand he is known to be a pacifist and shows no signs whatsoever to be even interested in vigilantism, as he argues that the people are better off when the rich help the people, create social systems and provide for the basic needs of the poor. That is the reason he gives for being a philantropist.