Jonathan Spade was born on February 22nd 1957 and spent his early life in an orphanage. While he was adopted by a woman, all records of his stay and adoption have disappeared, likely because Spade was really thorough when erasing all traces of his past once he became Psypher. This happened in 1982, when an armed gunman opened fire in his school. Spade tried to save as many kids as he could and got shot in the process. It was only in the hospital that he learned that the shooter was one of his students.

After his recovery he transferred to New Steede City and started teaching there, but he soon learned that guns were a central issue the city faced, as gun trafficking ran high and the police were unable to do anything. When he decided to do something against it, he donned his trademark white hoodie and during one adventure he got his hands on some strange, alien technology capable of projecting objects made of light, objects one could physically interact with.

This technology didn’t work with everyone, only a few people could operate it and Jonathan was one of those people. He incorporated the tech into his costume and though it took him a while to learn how it worked, it was of great use to him; especially during his second year when he ran into his first powered criminal, Dr. Racnos.

It was not until 1987 when he first confronted the domestic terrorist known as the Living Nightmare. This confrontation pushed Psypher into the limelight and once he became public knowledge, copycats followed quickly, much to his dismay. He would go on to face the Living Nightmare six more times. 

In 2009, during a hunt that lasted for several weeks, Psypher finally managed to distract and trap Living Nightmare long enough for the police to unmask and arrest this madman. His real name was Mark Beauradin and he was a low level chemist at G.L. Motors.

Psypher, however, got fatally injured during the battle and died right there on the spot of his last victory, after twenty seven years in service of the people of New Steede City. His heroic deeds awarded him a posthumous badge of honor and the people hold him in high regard to this day.